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API Access to Subscription Module

With the release of MP4 (March 5th 2009), access to the Subscription Module through the API is now possible.

The subscription module has been requested by many of our customers and we are happy to finally make it possible to use through the API. The Subscription module will especially help those comapnies that sell their produtcs and subscriptons, typically publishers of magazines, newspapers and so on.

The Subscription module consists of three interfaces:


As with all the API Interfaces, these classes are also implemented as -Util classes. (e.g. ISubscriptionUtil) The Util classes hold methods relevant to the class of the same name.

IUtil Interfaces


What can you do ?

Create, Edit and Delete Subscriptions, SubscriptionLines (products) and Subscribers (customers)
Edit almost every setting for each subscription (as you would in the browser)
Set Quantity, SpecialPrice, and department, if any, for each product in each subscription
Set individual start/End dates, discounts for each subscriber (and a lot more)    
All in all, you can manipulate and use the subscription module in exactly the same way as you would from the browser, allowing for an easy integration to fit your subscription needs.

Running the Subscription Routine
The only thing you can't do through the API, is to Run the Batch Job, to create invoices for subscribers.
This still has to be done from the application. This possibility has been removed, since this is not logical to have this job done automatically. You want to steer manually, when you create and send out invoices.
created May 20, 2009 by fsa
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