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Caching an EconomicSession on a web server

I want to use the API to e.g. update the debtor information when a customer writes his name  address on my website.

The obvious way to do that is to put something like this in the aspx code for the webpage:

session = New EconomicSession();
... use session to update info ...

However, as others have remarked, Connect takes around 10 seconds.  So it will cause some delay for the customer.

So I'm wondering if I can have one cached session object that is always connected, and use that on the web pages.  At best, create and connect the session when the IIS starts a new worker process, and just reuse the same session object until the IIS recycles the process.

Has anyone tried something like this?  Are there any pit-falls to look out for?
created Jan 19, 2010 by Rune Kock
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1 Answer

Just an idea... create the session when the user logs in! Do it in another thread and store the session in the user HttpContext, on this way you can get it again
answered Jun 24, 2010 by janus007
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