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Maximum length of IProduct.Description

i received an exception : Economic.Api.Exceptions.ValidationException: String value exceeds maximum length.  {id=848306655} when trying to update a product.

I've reeched the maximum length of the IProduct.Description property, but what is the maximum length og this property exactly?

And is this kind of information available somewhere?

Niels W. Krogh
created Mar 17, 2010 by nik@scannet.dk
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2 Answers


Unfortunately, string maximum lengths aren't very well documented at this point. OK - they're not at all.

The maximum length of IProduct.Description is 500 characters.

Best regards,

Christian Estrup
answered Mar 18, 2010 by Christian Estrup
I get the same message when calling CurrentInvoice_UpdateFromData.

What is the limit here?

Sometimes my invoice is updated anyway and sometimes not??
Why is that?
answered Jan 18, 2012 by Peter
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