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Product name not shown under OrderLine


I'm transferring orders through your API (SOAP + PHP), and I'm currently experiencing an issue where product name is not shown for each OrderLine. The product number shows up just fine, is there any way to work arround this?


I'm using the OrderLine_SetProduct method like this:

$client->OrderLine_SetProduct(array('orderLineHandle'=>$orderLineHandle, 'valueHandle'=>$productHandle));

created Aug 29, 2013 by rhandersen
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1 Answer

Hi rhandersen

I had a problem litle alike using 'CreateFromData'.

First i thougt it was a bug. But Economic says it is'nt. You have to, by some reason, set all data explicitly, even you want to use the defaultname on the product. Use 'description'.

Maybe 'UpdateFromData' is bether to use when you have to change more than one value?

Regards Christian
answered Aug 30, 2013 by cheyn
Sucks, I will try that. Thank you for your answer!
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