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Register supplier invoice


I have two questions which I'm guessing are fairly easy. I'm not using e-conomic or the API today, so bear with me - I'm probably using the wrong terminology.

I want to use the API to register supplier invoices - invoices which have been sent to me from one of my suppliers. I also want to be able to register the suppliers if it does not already exist.

I found the API documentation at http://www.e-conomic.com/apidocs/Docume ... c_Api.html and it refers to 'invoice' but it's not clear to me whether this is customer invoices or supplier invoices or maybe both of them.

So my questions are:

1) Is it possible to register supplier invoices using the API?
2) Is it possible to add new suppliers using the API?

Maybe someone can point me in the right direction when it comes to documentation about these?
created Jun 16, 2010 by martin
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Hi Martin,

For somewhat historical reasons, suppliers are called Creditors in the API. That'll probably solve quite a bit of 'not being able to find'-kinds of questions

As for your questions:

1. Yes, you can create 'simple' supplier invoices in the API. 'Simple' meaning that you cannot do 'stock supplier invoices' where you book the purchase of specific products against the supplier. You can, however, do 'cash book supplier invoices', with the relevant cost account(s) specified as contra account(s). Have a look at the CashBook and CashBookEntry classes for this.

2. Yes again. SessionCreditorCreate() is your friend - or, if you need to set a lot of properties, sessionCreditorCreateFromData(), or even sessionCreditorCreateFromDataArray() for bulk creation of suppliers.

Best regards,
answered Jun 16, 2010 by Christian Estrup
Yes, knowing that suppliers are called creditors helps. However, when I look at the IInvoice interface, I don't see any properties to set the Creditor, only Debitor? Should I use another interface when I want to register invoices I've received from my suppliers?

answered Jun 17, 2010 by martin

Yes - you should use the CashBookEntry interface, creating entries of type CreditorInvoice.

answered Jun 17, 2010 by Christian Estrup
Okay, hopefully the last question now and it's kind of off the topic.

If I want to register supplier invoices in e-conomic, is there some other method than using the API or doing it manually? For instance, is it possible to import supplier invoices in e-conomic, from an XML file or a similar format?
answered Jun 18, 2010 by martin

You can import supplier invoice entries to a day book via CSV files.

This is described here - http//wikie-conomiccouk/dokuphp/import-of-datastart.

However, please direct any questions pertaining to that to our regular support - since that's not really API related

Best regards,
answered Jun 18, 2010 by Christian Estrup
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