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Create/Read SumInterval type Account

Can anyone explain to me please how to access the information about accounts that make up a SumInterval type account?
How to create such an account through API, are there any restrictions on number of intervals that we are summing?

created Sep 20, 2010 by bart
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1 Answer


First, you create the account using the AccountUtil's Create() method - stating a type of SumInterval.

Then you create a number of SumInterval's (as many as you like), using SumIntervalUtil.Create() (and yes, the docs incorrectly state that this Create() method will create a 'Product price' - we'll be fixing that shortly ).

To read the sum interval(s) for a specific account, you use the account instance method GetSumIntervals().

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answered Sep 22, 2010 by Christian Estrup
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