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idle time

How long is the idle time before you get disconnected automatically from the API (.dll)?
Is the a way to check if you got disconnected (e.g. event)?
And is the timeout property specifying the time before you get an exception on connect or is that actually the idle time?
created Sep 21, 2010 by thomas fra focus it
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1 Answer


The 'web session timeout' is (currently) one hour. You cannot change that.

The EconomicSession object's Timeout property, on the other hand, controls time-to-exception on a per-round-trip basis. So, if you need to e.g. read a huge amount of data in one go (which you should really split into batches - but anyway...), you'll likely need to increase the Timeout property.

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answered Sep 22, 2010 by Christian Estrup
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