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Cashbook entry



I'm trying to put a cash book entry into a cashbook to book a payment of an invoice. It returns an error that indicates that the cash book is NULL.

What am I doing wrong?

First line of code ( more before to create session, invoice etc ). :

Dim entry = ec.CashBookEntry.CreateDebtorPayment(ec.CashBook.FindByNumber(5), invoice.Debtor, ec.Account.FindByNumber(5811))

Error message :

Exception Details: Economic.Api.Exceptions.ValidationException: The cash book may not be null. (id=4e08f81c-b5b9-4392-b593-c20be1d6edd2)

created Sep 12, 2013 by ulriknedergaard
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1 Answer


Used cashBook.FindByName("Myname") instead and it worked ??
answered Sep 12, 2013 by ulriknedergaard
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