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Creating new Accounting year through the API

I know that you through the API can test which accounting year a date is in.. But is it possible to Create a new accounting year when the Year is not in Economic.
created Jan 14, 2011 by Madmardigan
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It most certainly is: http//wwwe-conomiccom/apidocs/Documentation/M_Economic_Api_IAccountingYearUtil_Createhtml.

Since this is a fairly recent feature, if you're using our .NET assembly, you may need to upgrade it. You can always pick up the latest version here: http//wwwe-conomiccouk/integration/integration-partner/.

Do note, however, that accounting years must be continuous. Thus, unless this is the first accounting year you create in e-conomic, a new one will typically start the day after the end date of the newest existing one.

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answered Jan 15, 2011 by Christian Estrup
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