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Invoice with multiple VAT rates

We have to create invoices with multiple items of varying VAT rate since we're a webshop selling throughout Europe.

I've been trying to do this through the cashbook, but now we have created the payment term 'credit card' which is proposed in your wiki. But an entry booked through the cashbook can't be set to the proper payment term. This however can be done when creating a CurrentInvoice. The problem with CurrentInvoice is it looks like we need our full product catalog in E-conomic and then it might(?) be possible to specify the VAT rates. But synchronizing our full catalog is just not a way we ganna go with millions of products, and all we wanna do is set the right VAT rate on each InvoiceLine.

Isn't there some way to just create an invoice and specify the VAT rate for each line?
created Sep 18, 2013 by RTFM?
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It can be fixed by search the catalogue to see if it exists in e-conomic -> Then update it with new text or whatever to fit the current invoiceline and sent the product data back. If not exists -> Create the product.

Foreach product, you are able to create the invoiceline with the right vat specifications you need and you don't have to syncronise other products than the once you actually use.

/ Lasse
answered Mar 18, 2014 by sitetech
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