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New function: CashBook_SetNextVoucherNumber?



I'm using the function CashBook_GetNextVoucherNumber when uploading vouchers to the system. However, if something fails (for instance, an attached PDF fails to upload), I go back and delete the voucher.

This works pretty well, except I can't find any way to roll back the "next voucher number" that GetNextVoucherNumber will get. I can do this in the interface manually but an API-function for doing this would be really helpful.

I therefore suggest the function "CashBook_SetNextVoucherNumber" to enable people to roll back the vouchernumber like you can do in the interface.

EDIT: a function to reset the next voucher number to the lowest unused number would be fine too.

Alex Langberg

created Sep 20, 2013 by Alex Langberg
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edited Sep 20, 2013 by Alex Langberg
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