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How to find BudgetFigures for deletion?

I have retrieved a list of BudgetFigures and corresponding data objects.
I loop through the data list to see if some should be deleted.
How can I find back to those BudgetFigures?
created Mar 16, 2011 by thomas fra focus it
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2 Answers

Hi Thomas,

If I understand you correctly, what you need is a way to map a BudgetFigureData object to its corresponding BudgetFigure object.

The easiest thing would be to create a DictionaryBudgetFigure, BudgetFigureData after calling GetDataArray (the order of the BudgetFigureData's you get back is the same as the order of the BudgetFigure's you send) - that should get you along the way.

answered Mar 16, 2011 by Christian Estrup
Thanks for the answer.
So basically there is no reference back to budgetfigures from the data objects?
It'd be really nice if you could provide a method like e.g. session.BudgetFigure.DeleteFromData(figureData);
answered Mar 16, 2011 by thomas fra focus it
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