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Java: Introduction to unfamiliar concepts needed


Hello Forum,

as this is my first time implementing an API, I seem to need a bit of guidance.

First things first: Is there any official introduction to the Economic API? I have downloaded the examples from GitHub, and the *.pdf's on how to get started - It's all well and good, I am up and running... for now.

Basically the things that I find the most confusing is the concept of handles and the way they are implemented. I get that a handle is an abstraction of a reference which is managed externally; its opacity allows the referent to be relocated in memory by the system without invalidating the handle. (Yearh, I have wikipedia too...)
But how is, say, a project actually handled in the API?

I can do stuff like ('session' here being my, well, Economic session):
1. ArrayOfProjectHandle aophAll = session.projectGetAll();
2. ProjectHandle tempp = new ProjectHandle();
3. tempp = aophAll.getProjectHandle().get(0);

I imagine line 1 will return all existing projects from Economic. But does that mean a handle is a project? So I should be able to do something like: aophAll.get(0).setName("Project1"); ?
And thus accept "A project is called a handle now", end of story.

And in that case, what is the difference between a handle and a dataset? 
1. ProjectData npd = new ProjectData();
2. //Do stuff to dataset
3. session.projectCreateFromData(npd);

Can I create a new project along the lines of the above codes sequence? (So far it just throws an exeption:
"Economic.Api.Exceptions.SchemaException(E00500): The element 'data' in namespace 'http://e-conomic.com' has invalid child element 'IsClosed'"

Is there any sort of overall describtion of these things? Maybe a soft way into the world of APIs (assuming this is solely an API thing).
Maybe someone patient who could take a few minutes a write down a Dummy-guide or generally care to elaborate on the whole "Life and anatomy of the Economic API"?
Anything is appreciated at this point.

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards,
David Larsen.

created Oct 1, 2013 by DLakji
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