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How do I collect all payed invoices?

In the web GUI I can mark an invoice as payed by clickling in the Bogfør button but how do I extract through the API?

Best Regards,
created May 13, 2011 by KiaerInnologic
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The result of clicking the Book button in a day book obviously depends on which entries are in the day book

I'm unsure of exactly what it is you're trying to accomplish. Do you wish to register a customer payment of a particular invoice?

Best regards,
answered May 16, 2011 by Christian Estrup
Thanks for the reply!

I wish to collect my revenue/turnover for lets say a specific year, month etc. Maybe filter this by debitors and the likes.

But I only wish to sum paid invoices.

answered May 17, 2011 by KiaerInnologic

I have read the API guide and I can't seem to figure out how Invoice and CashBookEntry is associated.

The E-conomic Model on page 3 of the API document is version 1.4.2 but the document states it is version 1.4.5...

When I log into e-conomic I can se how much turnover for each employee - I want to recreate this from the API. How should data be collected for me to calculate turnover for each employee, customer, project etc.?

Best Regards
answered May 17, 2011 by KiaerInnologic
Was there an answer to this question?

We're trying to accomplish the exact same thing....
answered May 19, 2011 by MikkelL
No answer yet...
answered May 19, 2011 by KiaerInnologic
Couldnt this be resolved by using the Remainder property (=0) for Iinvoice ?
answered Jun 17, 2011 by Claus Aaberg
Sort the coilumns by date and look for your file,If it did'nt allow then you have to transfer it via a thid party application.
answered Apr 5, 2013 by Frankquantom
edited Feb 6, 2014 by rbb


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