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Optimize CashBookEntry?

How can I avoid making a request for each property I set on a ICashBookEntry?

ICashBookEntry cashBookEntry = session.CashBookEntry.CreateFinanceVoucher(cashBook, account, contraAccount);
cashBookEntry.Amount = amount;
cashBookEntry.Currency = currency
cashBookEntry.AmountDefaultCurrency = amountDefault;
cashBookEntry.Date = date;
cashBookEntry.Text = text;
cashBookEntry.VoucherNumber = number;

Code above generates 7 requests.
I just got an Excessive API usage warning for making more than 100.000 requests in one day.
created Oct 4, 2011 by thomas fra focus it
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1 Answer

I got the answer from this topic: net-f6/icashbookentry-vouchernumber-t1996.html
answered Oct 6, 2011 by thomas fra focus it
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