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An internal error has occurred


I am a developer for BG anlaegsteknik, where I develop a timeregistrationsystem. So fare it has been working just fine, until yesterday. Yesterday I got this error, when using economic api:

[ServerException: An internal error has occurred. (id=9e78bfbc-47e9-4f39-821c-38141240ca4d)]
   Economic.Api.EconomicSession.Project_FindByNumber(Int32 number) +99
   Economic.Api.ProjectUtil.FindByNumber(Int32 number) +10

The Id is different each time. The error occurres with Project.FindByNumber or Project.GetAll().

I use C# .net.

Sincerely Kent

BG anlaegsteknik
created Oct 17, 2013 by Kent
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Hi Kent,

I have found the error code and would like to investigate a bit more.

Is it possible for you to write to api@e-conomic.com with a description of the problem, and would it be feasible if we download a dump of you data to help determine the problem?
answered Oct 17, 2013 by nkn
selected Oct 17, 2013 by Kent
Yes I have sent an email to api@e-conomic.com. You can download any dump you like., hope you find the problem.
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