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Create Session Performance

I am reviewing e-conomic for the purpose of integrating with a .NET web application but find that creating and opening session objects is impossibly slow (10-12 seconds).

Creating and destroying Economic session objects within the scope of each request to the web app is clearly not an option then... so what is the best approach here?

Or is this due to the fact that I am playing around with a free demo? Does the API work faster on a paid account?
created Oct 9, 2011 by rasmusb
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6 Answers

I also experience instantiating sessions as very slow, but hopefully the Dev team can make an update that lazy load each service.
answered Oct 11, 2011 by thomas fra focus it
I too am experiencing this slooow session creatings, any solutions?
answered Nov 30, 2011 by AllanPedersen
I too experience this....  any solutions? Even with state of the art machine and high speed broadband connection it seems to take 4-7 seconds to create a session ...?!
answered Dec 1, 2011 by AllanPedersen
I experience the same thing, why is creating af session taking soooo long? Any solutions?
answered Dec 1, 2011 by AllanPedersen

to increase performance, I'm using a session cache, which opens the session and keep it open until timeout occurred.
This will not help on connecting first time, but increase performance for all following transactions.
answered Mar 1, 2012 by KVerwold

any solution on the very slow first connection to gain a session ??

If implementing a .NET webapp for user interaction 10-12 sek, is VERY
long time for a user to wait.

PLEASE come up with a solution, as it should be possible to
generate this session object much faster on the server side...
answered Apr 13, 2012 by ekontoret.dk
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