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Get the current currency rate


I just created a test account with data. The first thing I need to make sure of is that the ERP system and E-conomic uses the same exchange rate for the different currencies. I get the list of currencies from Currency_GetAll. When I use the currency code to get a rate through Currency_GetData, it only returns the code. Am I doing something wrong?

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created Jun 17, 2011 by alydersen
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Exchange rates in e-conomic aren't just tied to a currency code, but also specific dates.

Furthermore, we unfortunately cannot expose these directly in the API at this time, due to licensing restrictions in the commercial exchange rate feed we use.

However, if you simply wish to make sure e-conomic uses specific rates for specific entries and/or invoices, that's no problem: Invoices have an ExchangeRate field which you should fill out anyway - and for entries, you fill out both the currency and default currency amount, thus allowing you to calculate the latter using your exchange rate of choice.

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answered Jun 17, 2011 by Christian Estrup
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