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Adding interest and charges to Invoice

Hi, Can anyone point me in the right direction? I need to add interest and charges (for overdue payments) to invoices. Is there a direct  or indirect way of achieving this using the SOAP API?

Thanks in advance.
created Oct 23, 2013 by espfred
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What functionality from the e-conomic application is it you're looking for in the API here?


Best regards,
answered Oct 23, 2013 by Christian Estrup
Basically what I need to do is update the  balance of an invoice so that the sum contains any interest fees and charges that have been applied.  I retrieve the interest and charges amount from our system.
So - this is an invoice that has already been booked some time ago - but which hasn't been paid in time, and therefore, you wish to add interest and/or charges?
Yes that is correct. I wish to add the total of the interest and charge
In that case, what you're really looking for is reminders. Currently, these can only be made in the GUI, and there is no immediate _schedule_ for exposing these in the API.
Do you have any devious workaround suggestions until exposure ;-)
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