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Setting the DueDate on ICashBookEntry


Im trying to set the DueDate and some other information after I have created a CreditorInvoice in the cashbook through the API, all values are stored correct except the DueDate, am I missing something here:

EconomicSession _session = new EconomicSession();
_sessionConnect(ID, username, password);
ICreditor creditors = _sessionCreditorGetAll();
ICreditor creditor = creditorsSingleOrDefault(c = cCINumber == CVR Number);
ICashBook cashBook = _sessionCashBookFindByNumber(1);
ICashBookEntry entry = _sessionCashBookEntryCreateCreditorInvoice(cashBook, creditor, creditorAutoContraAccount);

            ICashBookEntryData entryData = _sessionCashBookEntryDataGetData(entry);
            entryDataCreditorInvoiceNumber = 121;
            entryDataAmount = ConvertToDecimal(232322);
            entryDataText = TEST;
            DateTime? ddd = new DateTime(2012,02,27);
            entryDataDueDate = ddd;
created Feb 22, 2012 by jper
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