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Delivery notes


I'm a new developer to economic.
I've got a customer, for whom I need to extract order details for orders which have been moved to Delivery notes(Følgesedler).

I've tried to look through the documentation, but I can't seem to find the objects that has to do with shipments.

Can someone help me on the right path?   

Best regards
created Feb 24, 2012 by Tomsen
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2 Answers


The Stocks module's possibilities of partial deliveries and invoicing, are not exposed in the API at this time.

Consequently, delivery notes themselves aren't either.

Anyone else who's got an integration that could benefit a lot from this: Please chip in

Best regards,
answered Feb 29, 2012 by Christian Estrup
I would appreciate the opportunity to create a PDF of a delivery note. During the next month or two, I have to write my own implementation of the module, if it will not be created by the E-conomic team.
answered Mar 4, 2012 by truelz


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