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Update PDF vouchers on Cashbook


is there a way to programatically reupload vouchers to a post in the Cashbook?

that is the Voucher that was originaly uploaded with CashBook.RegisterPdfVoucher() is flawed and we need update the PDF documents.
created Mar 7, 2012 by Madmardigan
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This is not 'directly' possible at the moment.

However, as a 'workaround', if you delete all cash book entries linked to the PDF voucher (i.e., all with the same voucher number, and date in the same accounting year), the PDF voucher will automatically be deleted (since no entries are left with the voucher number + accounting year it's linked to). You can then re-create the entries, and re-upload your PDF voucher.

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answered Mar 9, 2012 by Christian Estrup
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