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adding cashbookentry data - date format exception


I'm trying to add a cashbook entry using the code below and get the following error

ICashBook cashbook = _sessionCashBookFindByNumber(1);
                IAccount account = _sessionAccountFindByNumber(1302);
                IAccount contraAcc = _sessionAccountFindByNumber(4200);

                ICashBookEntryData data = _sessionCashBookEntryDataCreate(CashBookEntryTypeDebtorPayment, cashbook,
                        null, null, account, contraAcc);

                ICashBookEntry entry = _sessionCashBookEntryCreateFromData(data);

                entryAmount = 2400M;
                entryAmountDefaultCurrency = 2400M;
                entryDate = new DateTime(2011,06,15);
                IDepartment dept = _sessionDepartmentFindByNumber(300);
                entryDepartment = dept;
                entryText = 110111;


I've tried various date formats and also tried adding entry.duedate but it's made no difference.

In addition to this query, is this the recommended way to add a cashbook entry as there ain't many examples kickin about and I'm not all that hot on accountancy   

Are the creditor and/or debtor compulsory...you'll notice i'm passing nulls for these types in the code above.

created Mar 28, 2012 by matleeds
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3 Answers


The problem is that, on your first CreateFromData, you don't have a valid date etc. yet.

Therefore, you should skip your first CreateFromData, and change the call to UpdateFromData to CreateFromData.

Best regards,
answered Mar 29, 2012 by Christian Estrup
Hi Christian,

if i skip the first createfromdata how do i create the ICashBookEntry 'entry' object?

answered Mar 29, 2012 by matleeds

Remove this:

ICashBookEntry entry = _session.CashBookEntry.CreateFromData(data);

Then change all entry.* setters to data.* setters.

- and then replace this:


- with this:

ICashBookEntry entry = _session.CashBookEntry.CreateFromData(data);

There's your entry

Best regards,
answered Mar 29, 2012 by Christian Estrup
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