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Prices from Discount Group


I need to get the discounted prices from the Discount Group (Rabatgruppe).

Given a Debtor and a Product I need to figure out what the price for that Product should be for that Debtor, taking into account Pricegroup and Discountgroup.

What I do now is something like

Dim oDebtor as IDebtor = Session.Debtor.FindByGLN

Dim oPriceGroup as iPriceGroup = oDebtor.PriceGroup

Price = oPriceGroup.GetPrice(oProduct)

but this doesn't seem to take into account the discounts set in the Discount Group. I can't find similar iDiscounGroup interface in the API. What am I doing wrong??

Thanks in advance

Jesper Carstensen
created Nov 1, 2013 by JesperCarstensen
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1 Answer

Hi Jesper

For some strange reason Discount Groups are not exposed in the API. I cannot see why Price Groups should be exposed when Discount Groups are not.

Hopefully the E-conomic will soon see the need for Discount Groups to be exposed and fix it in the API :)


Best regards,

answered Dec 11, 2013 by MicMac
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