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Finding orders by Our ref.

I would like to be able to fetch all orders with our ref equal to somthing and which are not archived or sent.

Is this done with Order.FindByOtherReference? If it is, what would be the syntax?

Thanks in advance.
created May 29, 2012 by Jacob_2500
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2 Answers

Hi Jacob,

There is currently no way to search orders by Our ref..

OtherReference is another field altogether - which, as you say, can be searched for.

Unless you're using OtherReference for something specific, you can of course generally put some 'Our ref.'-like information in OtherReference as well, and then search in that field.

Best regards,
answered May 30, 2012 by Christian Estrup
Hello Christian
To bad, would be nice if it was possible to fetch orders by employees/Our ref.

I have started using the webservices now, since the .NET API has such a massive delay on the first connection, but can you point me to any examples on how to update and create orders and orderlines with those.

What about Search options btw.. is it possible to search for debitors with name or number partly like somthing, or orders with ordernumber partly like somthing. Same with products, being able to search for products with number, name or description partly like a searchstring?
answered May 30, 2012 by Jacob_2500
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