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Missing objects in the API

Dear e-conomic,

We are currently implementing a reporting tool based on our data in e-conomic. We are here using the .NET API to load the e-conomic data and store them in a local database. Most of the solution has already been implemented. However, we have now unfortunately discovered that not all the needed fields are available through the .NET API.

In the IProject/IProjectData object we are missing the following information:
- A reference to the table called special price (in Danish: 'Særpris') and all the fields in the table. This missing table has the highest priority for us.

In the IEmployee/ IEmployeeData object we are missing the following information:
- Employee User ID (login initials)
- Employee sales price
- Employee cost price

In the IInvoice/ IInvoiceData object we are missing the following information:
- The Discount field (in Danish: Rabat)

Would it be possible to enhance the .NET API with the above mentioned fields? If yes, what would be the expected timeline for this?

Kind regards,
Waqas Ashraf
created Sep 6, 2011 by wa.ashraf
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We've currently got a scheduled project update which will be released during October and November.

Since this may or may not change the structure of pricing setup - including special prices - we won't be exposing this in the API before after that project at the earliest.

As for invoice discounts: There is no such thing as an invoice/current-invoice level discount. However, invoice lines, as well as current-invoice lines, have a DiscountAsPercent property, which is fully available.

Best regards,
answered Sep 6, 2011 by Christian Estrup
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