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Taps in e-conomic.


Hi all i was wondering if there was a possibility to add a extra tab automatically ?

i found this link http://wiki.e-conomic.co.uk/settings/extra-tabs This explains how to add it but could one do it automatically.

The idea is that we are developing an integration that will connect a X customer's webshop to E-conomic and in that case we have our own page where the customer registers his integration, we like that when the customer logs into his E-conomic that we have added this frame so that his integration with us is visible from this extra tab.


Example :

I.  Customer X has a E-conomic agreement that keeps tracks of all finances in his shop.

II. Customer X has a webshop.

III. Customer X has an integration with our IEX to send data (orders, customers, products) back and forward between E-conomic and his/her webshop.

VI. We have a token that allows us to make this posts to his E-conomic.

V. When we have this token we would like to add the Tab that lets him follow his/her integration from us as well logs and what not

VI. When Customer X logs in he is presented with this tab as well where he / she can see what has happen with us and find the equivalent transaction in E-conomic.


-- So would it be possible for us to by some function or other to add a tab automatically when we has the users token and is able to do data transaction from and towards E-conomic.?



created Nov 5, 2013 by mediastyle
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