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Fastest way of receiving all open invoices


We need to generate a list of all open invoices on all debtors.

I have created this loop, that is working, but is Terrible slow. How can I do this faster?

'Container for the invoices:
Dim invoices As New Dictionary(Of Integer, Economic.Api.IInvoice)

 For Each deb As Economic.Api.IDebtor In Me.getDeptorGroup().GetDebtors()
            For Each inv As Economic.Api.IInvoice In deb.GetInvoices()
                If inv.Remainder  0 Then '=kun ikke lukkede!
                    If Not (invoices.ContainsKey(inv.Number)) Then
                        invoices.Add(inv.Number, inv)
                    End If
                End If
created Jul 16, 2012 by koldstar
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1 Answer

You should collect data instances. Every time you ask: inv.Remainder  0 the API will make a round trip to the server = slow...

Try getting your invoice data instances for each debtor:
(in C#)

IDebtorGroup _group = // your debtor group
IDebtor Debtors = _groupGetDebtors();
foreach (IDebtor debtor in Debtors)
    IInvoice _invoices = debtorGetInvoices();
    IInvoiceData _invoiceData = sessionInvoiceDataGetDataArray(_invoices);

    foreach (IInvoiceData _data in _invoiceData)
        if (_dataRemainder != 0)
            // Add to dictionary
answered Aug 16, 2012 by KiaerInnologic
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