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Dimension Module throws an error


I Have a problem when i'm trying to get the products from the Economic.Net API

Here is my code :

 IProduct PG = null;
                PG = sessionProductGetAll();
            catch (EconomicApiExceptionsEconomicApiException ex)

            dgv_productsDataSource = PG;

No matter what i cannot catch the error it always shows a messagebox with the error.
And the error is some kind of missing Auth from the dimension module that i don't have the prober rights for.
But i dont need the dimension module or its information.

Does anyone know a workarround to avoid this promlem?

created Oct 19, 2012 by d-one
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1 Answer

Hi there,

If you have a specific error including the error id I might be able to help you progress with this.
answered Oct 22, 2012 by nkn
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