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[CLOSED] Cash Book Entry and foreign currencies

Hi All,

i found from this http//apiforume-conomiccom/miscellaneous-f10/currency-invoices-through-the-api-t4744html about customer invoices that if you use Create passing Customer it would initialize automatically the currency from the Customer ledger card and it would retrieve the exchange rate automatically from E-conomic at creation date.

I guess it does the same for a supplier invoice (cash book entry) but unfortunately it doesn't. If i use a supplier set with a foreign currency the cash book entry is still initialized with the system currency.

Can you please help me solving this issue: creating a cash book entry with a foreign currency and the exchange rate that belongs to the currency at the date.

thank you
created Oct 30, 2012 by GuCa
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1 Answer

Hi there,

It is in general not possible to get the same currency and rate behaviors through the api as is exposed in e-conomic.

The link you refer to is a specific situation that works for the CurrentInvoice api only.

It does not work for Cashbook entries - here you would have to provide both currency and rate yourself if different from system currency.
answered Oct 30, 2012 by nkn
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