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Identifying CurrentInvoice

When creating new CurrentInvoices, in e-conomic I can see it has a number. But the number is not exposed through the api. I need to store representations of these CurrentInvoices in my DB. Is there any way to refer to these CurrentInvoices through the api.

Best regards
created Nov 20, 2012 by javid
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3 Answers

Hi Javid,

It is not possible through the SDK to get the number.

You can get it if you go directly on the SOAP interface.
answered Dec 4, 2012 by nkn
Thanks for your answer.

In order to get the CurrentInvoice id, I want to consume the service directly through the SOAP interface. I have added a Service Reference in VS 2012 and instantiate EconomicWebServiceSoapClient like this:

EconomicWebServiceSoapClient _proxy = new EconomicWebServiceSoapClient();
But this line of code throws exception. This is the the exception Message:

The app.config file is there in the same project where this Service Reference is added. The app.config file was generated when I added the service reference. Bytheway, I am using asp.Net  C#
Can you help?
Best regards
answered Dec 6, 2012 by javid
My bad.

The file app.config was generated and placed in the project where I added the Service Reference. But clearly, this configuration should be in the web.config file of my web project. I just copied the relevant tags from the generated app.config file to my web.config file in my web project. And it worked. I just deleted the generated app.config file.

Best regards
answered Dec 7, 2012 by javid
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