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Getting quotations twice


I'm trying to create a complete overview of a customer with orders, quotations and invoices.

Getting orders worked fine with debtor.GetOrders() but debtor.GetQuotations() returns the list twice.

The same thing happens if i call session.quotations.GetAll() - returns them twice by debtor. For instance :

27112 Debtor A
27112 Debtor A ( repeated )
27115 Debtor B
27116 Debtor B
27117 Debtor B
27115 Debtor B ( repeated )
27116 Debtor B ( repeated )
27117 Debtor B ( repeated )
27119 Debtor C
27119 Debtor C ( repeated )

I can't figure out if I'm doing anything wrong - since I'm doing the same thing as with orders - which works as intended.

Version 1.4.8 of the API

/ Ulrik
created Jan 12, 2013 by ulriknedergaard
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3 Answers

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And the solution was to only show the ones where isArchived = false
answered Jan 13, 2013 by ulriknedergaard
selected Sep 12, 2013 by ulriknedergaard
Now i've added invoices as well and they also only shows once. My point is that if my code somehow loaded twice then orders and invoices should also show up twice, but only the quotations do.

debtor.GetOrders()           'Shows once
debtor.GetQuotations()    'Shows twice
debtor.GetInvoices()         ' Shows once

Could it be an error in the API ?
answered Jan 13, 2013 by ulriknedergaard
Think I figured it out.

My quotations was repeated because they were registered as sent.

Realized that session.orders.getall() also listed orders which were upgraded to invoice and booked. This is also because it is registered as sent.

Looking for a workaround since I'm not interested in showing orders or quotations that has moved on  
answered Jan 13, 2013 by ulriknedergaard


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