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How can i make this one faster

Why is this sooo slow?

is some thing wrong?

i takesabout 15 sek to fetch 70 orders!

can some body help me make this faster, can i GetAllCurrent-> Number Heading DebtorName and GrossAmount and not all the other info.

i tried to get the 4 lines sepratly by Order_GetHeading and so on but that was about the same and i was thinking it also takes a hole lot more round trips to the server than this one - ?

    $OrderHandles = $client->Order_GetAllCurrent()->Order_GetAllCurrentResult->OrderHandle;
    $num_orders = count($OrderHandles);
    if($num_orders > 0)
        if($num_orders > 1)
            $orderDataObjects = $client->Order_GetDataArray(array('entityHandles' => $OrderHandles))->Order_GetDataArrayResult->OrderData;
            $orderDataObjects[] = $client->Order_GetData(array('entityHandle' => $OrderHandles))->Order_GetDataResult;
    foreach (array_reverse($orderDataObjects) as $i => $orderData)

// i am using Number Heading DebtorName and GrossAmount
    $order .= "</table>";
catch(Exception $exception)
    $order .= "Kunne ikke finde information om kundes ordrer <br><i>" . $exception->getMessage() . "</i>";        
created Nov 13, 2013 by bahn
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