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Read/Get All Bank Accounts

In the Menu Bookkeeping - Payments you can maintain your Bank Accounts. I would like to be able to read these via the API but I can't find any method for this purpose ... please let me know if this is not provided in the API, and if that is the case - is it a feature you would consider adding to the API?

The scenario/requirement is as follows:
We have an APP from which we post Supplier Payments in the DayBook/CashBook - works fine

We are currently hardcoding the ContraAccount to '5820' which we provide as a customer setting in our App so that customers can select which Bank Account the payment should be posted on - works fine

But as we expect customers to have multiple bank accounts, we would like to be able to read all the Bank Accounts via the API and present them in a drop-down list - just like the built-in screen that pops up when you press 'Export approved payments'
created Feb 20, 2013 by spirillen
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Probably the accounts you are looking for are the cash account that are setup on the cashbook.

Nevertheless, neither these cash accounts nor the bank accounts from payments are exposed through the API.
answered Feb 26, 2013 by nkn
OK, thx

... hope you consider to add this to the API in future updates.
answered Feb 26, 2013 by spirillen


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