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DebtorData.GetDataArray - internal error


I have a system which every morning loads all debitors for local use. I start by calling:

var _debtors = _session.Debtor.GetAll();

var __debtors = _session.DebtorData.GetDataArray(_debtors);

This morning, i suddenly got an

Economic.Api.Exceptions.ServerException: An internal error has occurred. (id=dc15191d-10fa-4c78-93ca-f903fbe93885)

on the second line. Are there some temporary problem at the E-conomic servers?

My agreement number is 208907

Troels Jessen

created Mar 21, 2013 by truelz
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3 Answers

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We have just released a hotfix for this. If you still experience this problem please reply to this thread.
answered Mar 21, 2013 by nkn
It seems to work!

We have the same problem


(Connect) Opening Connection 
1) Destination:e-conomic 
2) Account:212425 
3) User:removed for privacy 
4) Connected - Time:0.06782070 
5) UniqueID:'gvkwun45uaxlwz55y1ir5555 
6) API version:1.4.8 
7) Company Name:F2IT LIMITED 
Message:An internal error has occurred. (id=47e9f882-0753-4b15-8846-2f4a3f9811c6) 
Target Site:Economic.Api.Data.IDebtorData[] Debtor_GetDataArray(Economic.Api.IDebtor[]) 
Stack Trace: 
  at Economic.Api.EconomicSession.Debtor_GetDataArray(IDebtor[] entities) 
  at Economic.Api.DebtorDataUtil.GetDataArray(IDebtor[] entities) 
  at Export_Syncronise.IzExportDestination.InitialiseDebtors(String step) 
  at Export_Syncronise.IzExportDestination.Connect() 
  at Export_Syncronise.InitialiseSyncParms(IzSyncParms SP) 
  at Export_Syncronise.ButtonSynchronise_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e) 

(Disconnect) Closing Connections - closed Zedonk - closed e-conomic

answered Mar 21, 2013 by F2it
We are investigating this as a bug.
we have identified the problem and are preparing a fix.
We have identified the problem and are preparing a fix.
answered Mar 21, 2013 by nkn
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