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Is it possible to create financial reports (moms and årsregnskab) via the API?

I expect to be able to download an xls or pdf report by only utilizing the API. Is that possible?
created Apr 1, 2013 by hulagutten
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Hi Hulagutten,

Reports are not available throught the API. But most information is available, so you can create the reports yourself.

You can also export data directly through the web interface as described here: http://wiki.e-conomic.co.uk/export-data

Best regards,
Rasmus Beck
Developer, e-Conomic

answered Apr 3, 2013 by rbb
How could I create the reports myself? Specifically my problem is that whenever I get new customers they have often reported a wrong amount of VAT, so I would like to create faster way to adjust their next VAT report, compensating for their earlier mistakes. To do this I need to create the previous VAT reports automatically, so I know what their vat should have been.
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