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system accounts / turnover

Is it possible to get the turnover year to date and/or result for the year?

As far as i can tell the Account_GetEntryTotalsByDate does not support fetching data for system accounts. But is there a way to get the number in a different way?
created Nov 19, 2013 by fbanke
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A system account is really only a link to an account used for a specific purpose. Also, there's no "Turnover system account" :-)

What you'll need to know is exactly which accounts contain turnover - and then GetEntryTotalsByDate() for these.

If you KNOW that ALL sales are done using customer invoices - i.e., no manual customer invoices, and no finance vouchers - you can conceivable also retrieve the turnover via invoices instead. However, that would be sort of error-prone, since some turnover booking may be done manually.


answered Dec 3, 2013 by Christian Estrup
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