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New AttentionHandle, Contact person through API.

I have a hard time finding the API documentation for how to create a new Attention Handle through the API.

Is this not possible ?

If I have a system that is integrated into e-conomic and I can't find an attention, it would be good to be able to create a new attention handle / contact person. If it is not possible, then as a developer, I would have to stop the user from creating an invoice, have him talk to the person that is responsible for the e-conomic account at the business, and have him manually create a new attention handle / contact person.

Maybe I'm blind but is there no Attention_Create function ?
created Apr 4, 2013 by tg24
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DebtorContact_Create exists actually, but then my question changes to is AttentionHandle a handle fora  DebtorContact ? Also, is Cashbook the same as described in the documentation as Daybook ?

Is it possible to have some consistency throughout the API documentation, e-conomic documentation and the e-conomic application itself ?

answered Apr 4, 2013 by tg24
So for other people looking at debtor contacts and AttetionHandle.

CurrentInvoice_SetAttention takes to parameters, one is CurrentInvoiceHandle, and the other one is valueHandle. Which has to be of type DebtorContactHandle.

From where this Attention is coming from is not clear to me, and wasn't clear when looking the API over.
attentionHandle is comming fra debtor:
if you update debtor->AttentionHandle to DebtorContactHandle
it will take this DebtorContactHandle on all following invioces and orders and so on.
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