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Attaching payments to multiple invoice numbers.

When creating a CashBookEntry (Payment), there is a possibility to add an invoice number as a reference to that payment.


When I use the user interface, I can "match" a payment to multiple invoices through the "Invoice number" search button.  When I choose to match with more than one invoice, it will not put any information into the invoice number field but save it somehow.


How can one "reference", "attach" or "match" a single payment to multiple invoice numbers through the API.
created Apr 5, 2013 by tg24
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Hi tg24,


The invoice number property on customer and supplier payments can effectively only be used to force match-on-booking of a single invoice.

However, once the payment has been booked, you can match it against multiple invoices using DebtorEntryUtil/CreditorEntryUtil.MatchEntries(). These take an array of DebtorEntry/CreditorEntry objects, respectively - all of which must be in the same currency (cross-currency matching is generally not supported). Suffice to say, the entries supplied must contain at least one positive and one negative entry :-)


Best regards,
answered Apr 24, 2013 by Christian Estrup
selected Apr 24, 2013 by tg24
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