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Officegnu/Timegnu Translation to Swedish



I'm looking for a swedish e-conomic (super)user that can help me translate multiple application text lines from danish/english to swedish. And continue to do so as the product expands (a 5-10 lines each month). Needless to say, it is important that the translation is correct in every aspect.

I can offer a perpetual Officegnu/Timegnu license for the continued effort and collaboration. Feel free to reply to this post if you're interessted and we'll take from there.


Officegnu is an MS Office multi-purpose add-in that integrates e-conomic into Word, Excel, Outlook. 

Please see these demo videos (in danish) to get a feel for some of the things you can do with Officegnu:

- Creating e-conomic Word quotation template 

Creating e-conomic account balance pivots and sheet 


Timegnu is an iOS app that allows the Timeregistrant to submit time and mileage from an Iphone.

Please see this site for more information.


Tim Ahrentløv

Frozegnu: http://frozengnu.com
Officegnu: http://officegnu.com
Timegnu: http://timegnu.com


created Apr 8, 2013 by frozengnu
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