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Defining a fixed OrderNumber

I am integrating e-conomic with our webshop platform. The webshop already defines order IDs in correct sequences, and when I try to create the order in e-conomic (through the API, using SOAP), the order is created with the order number I apply PLUS the most recent order number in e-conomic, thus creating a new false order number in e-conomic. How can I overrule this?
created Apr 12, 2013 by caspar.jespersen
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Hi Casper,

You cannot override the OrderNumber - it's set via the order number number series by design.

However, if you need a back-reference, you can instead set the OtherReference field. This is a text field that has no business logic meaning whatsoever to the e-conomic application, so you're free to use it for e.g. externally defined order references. Plus, when the order is upgraded, and the resulting current invoice is later booked, OtherReference automatically carries through.

Also, assuming you wish to have this reference displayed on the PDF order/invoice, it's available as a merge field when designing order/invoice templates.


Best regards,
answered Jun 6, 2013 by Christian Estrup
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