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Token revoke

Every time we call the request page to authorize the app. the user gets a new token. How can the app revoke the token, so that the user is not getting an infinite list of old tokens?
created Apr 18, 2013 by InvulgoSoft
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Hi - sorry for the late answer on this one

The short answer is - you cant.

The whole point with the grant access page, is that your app users authenticates the access to his data, to your app. The returning token is then the future key the that users data. Your app has the responsibility to save this token along with some user-id, and use this token on all future requests.

The user should not have to grant access to your app every time he uses it.

answered May 22, 2013 by mha
Could you maybe consider doing something about that. It just seems SO stupid to have to do authentication to an app with something other than economic.
How many facebook apps have you met where you sign in with a username and password so that the app can then sign in to facebook for you.
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