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IBAN/Swift field available in the API



On the Suppliers (Creditors) it is possible to maintain the IBAN/Swift Number, but when looking in the API I can't find that property - could you please make it available in the API ?
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created Apr 22, 2013 by spirillen
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closed Apr 22, 2013 by spirillen
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It is actually available - in the form of the DefaultPaymentCreditorId property.

The contents of this field depends on the payment type used on the creditor - as indicated on the DefaultPaymentType property. If the default payment type is IBAN, the DefaultPaymentCreditorId is an IBAN number.


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answered Apr 22, 2013 by Christian Estrup
selected Apr 23, 2013 by Jostein
Thanks, just to be sure: so DefaultPaymentCreditorId contains/returns what I have filled in to the property 'IBAN/Swift no.' ?
If, in the e-conomic application, on the supplier in question, you've selected "IBAN" as payment type, and typed something in the "IBAN" field - then, yes :-)
ok, thx ... I'll close this post
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