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Equalization of entries


I'm trying to retrieve entries for invoices and payments from a demo-account. I have been able to match payments with invoices by either voucher number or invoice number, but some of the payments and invoices are matched by equalizations (udligninger). Is it possible to find these in the API?

As an example I have a purchase of some hardware/software to DKK 68,541.50 on voucher number 534 and invoice number 105045, while the payment of this is on voucher number 541, but without invoice number. I can see, that it have been equalized in the system.

I would probably be able to match on creation date and payment date for this creditor/debtor, but by during this I'm assuming that there aren't any other invoices on the same amount and that the invoice has actually been paid on time, which are both assumptions I'm not very keen on making.

Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to solve this?


Michael Smith
created Apr 25, 2013 by mikesmith
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