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Using Axis 1.4 to access the SOAP api

Hi, I'm trying to use Axis 1.4 to access the SOAP api, as described in the PDFs on github. I was trying to connect like this


This would not give an error message, but the returned session would just give a null on all requests.

I noticed that the API had changed and it's now necessary to have two tokens, one user token and one app token. So I ask for a developer agreement to get it, in the meantime I thought I would thy to connect in the old way, with

session.connect(agreement number, user, password)

However, that gave exactly the same error. Is the old API disabled? This used to work, the tests used to pass...

Anyway, is it common with Axis to not get a error message upon failed login, just a service that returns always null, or is there something on e-conomic's end that can make it return an error message instead?

Edit: I now have a developer agreement and is using the two-token login, but the issue persists: although the login is successful, all calls (session.vatAccount_GetAll() for instance) return null.
created Apr 30, 2013 by hark_proline
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I dont Axis at all, but this seems to be a authentication problem.

When you call session.connectWithToken(..) or session.connect(..) for that matter, you get a cookie string as the result. You should keep this and append to every requests you make from this point on. Add it to the cookie collection of some sort.

Again, I dont know the Axis framework, but this seems to be the solution to your problem.

BTW, found a blog entry about this (very old though!), but maybe it can clearify what I mean :)


answered May 9, 2013 by mha
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