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NopCommerce - Looking for po.ssible freelancer or person with similar system

Anybody who has done a NopCommerce solution who would like do a bit of freelance. (old version 1.90)?

What is minmum requirements. We just want sales with attached invoice into e-economics, and be able to have 3 modes: Authorized, Paid/Captured, Shipped). Is it necessary also to register products into the system?
created Dec 6, 2013 by stoffer
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2 Answers

Hello Stoffer,

While we have developed other kinds of integrations with e-conomic like Order,Invoice , ... from other ERP systems and PDF files, we did not work on nopcommerce yet.

If you are interested we are ready to help you on this.



answered Feb 7, 2014 by kvprasad
Hi Stoffer

I have developed a proof of concept, integrating nopCommerce 3.20 with E-Conomic. The module is now able to create a new invoice, create the related product(s) and create or relate the nopCommerce user/customer with a E-Conomic Debtor.

Your are welcome to contact me for further information on the E-Conomic Pluging.

Also I', also offering Freelance assistance if You need help customicing a E-Conomic / nopCommerce plugin .

Best regards
Objecta Data
Klaus E. Frederiksen
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answered Feb 13, 2014 by objecta
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