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CashBookEntryData created from API has invalid remainder


When creating a new cash book entry is seems to be without a remainder. When the entry is booked the remainder is "magically" set 0 (zero), thus the balance of the debtor becomes incorrect.

1) Is there a work-around for this error?

2) If this is the intended behavior, how do I set the correct remainder?

Looking forward to your answer.

Best regards,
/Luis Knudsen, Minuba Aps
created Dec 9, 2013 by luis
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1 Answer

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Hi Luis

If you don't set AmountDefaultCurrency then you're in actuality setting the Amount to have a value of 0 in the default currency.

Amount + AmountDefaultCurrency + Currency must all be set and are also used to calculate exchange rate.
answered Oct 13, 2015 by olej
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