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Webhooks slow

We are having issues with Webhooks currently. They take forever to be sent and we are getting a lot of The operation has timed out in the logs.

Are anyone else but me having this issue?

I have tried curl'ing the webhook destination myself without any problems, so it doesn't look like a problem at our side.

Best regards,

created Feb 20, 2012 by MicMac
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2 Answers

Hi MicMac,

We've unfortunately had some people using this for massive updates - in which case simply using the corresponding GetAllUpdated() methods are obviously more suitable. This resulted in some 'clogging', which should be resolved by now.

Best regards,
answered Feb 22, 2012 by Christian Estrup
Seems like there still is a problem with the webhooks?
I am testing e-conomic and the webhook and the webhook is 4-5 hours delayed.
answered Feb 24, 2012 by mropr
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