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Get sale price of subscriptions



I am trying to list all subscribers and get their sales price. In order to do that I need to go :

from Subscriber to Subscription (throught Subscription handle of Subscribers entity)

from Subscription  to SubscriptionLine(throught Subscription handle in SubscriptionLine)

How do I go from Subscription line to product? Following the model schema v1.4.2 of your specs.

What I initially tried was:

$subscriber = $this->client->Subscriber_GetData(array('entityHandle' => array('SubscriberId' => $subscriber_handle)))->Subscriber_GetDataResult;
$subscription = $this->client->Subscription_GetData(array('entityHandle' => array('Id' => $subscription_handle)))->Subscription_GetDataResult;
$product = $this->client->Product_GetData(array('entityHandle' => array('Number' => $subscription->Number)));
Going from subscriber to subscription and then directly to product in order to replicate the subscriptions table found under customers->more->subscriptions.


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created Feb 10, 2014 by gc
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closed Feb 11, 2014 by gc
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