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How do I set the "Debit/Credit" option through the API?

I have a bit of code creating a CashBookEntry through the API:

                var cbed = new CashBookEntryData()
                    CashBookHandle = cb,
                    Type = CashBookEntryType.CreditorInvoice,
                    CreditorHandle = creditorHandle,
                    CurrencyHandle = currencyHandle,
                    Amount = invoice.Amount,
                    Date = invoice.Date,
                    DueDate = invoice.DueDate,
                    CreditorInvoiceNumber = invoice.Id + "",
                    Text = "EDI Faktura " + invoice.Id,
                    VoucherNumber = voucherNumber


How do I set the "Debit/Credit" option exposed in the UI, through the API?
created Feb 17, 2014 by rk
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1 Answer

That field is implicitly indicated by the signing of the amount.
answered Feb 18, 2014 by mortenanders
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